IMG_6608Being raised by overly-fussy parents, by the time I arrived at adulthood, my life’s expectations had grown unreasonably high. It is these expectations which lie at the root of KarasBest.com. A listing of services, places and things satisfying these high expectations.
Years ago, as I completed an extensive renovation of my home, I found the most amazing resources. Typicaly, construction is not a happy experience. This time it was, from beginning to end. My dog and I lived in the house through the entire process. The people who did the work became out coffee buddies in the morning and our entertainment during the work day. It was a delight.familyphoto scarf

Friends were constantly questioning me about resources. Sharing contacts seemed the natural thing to do. As time passed my list grew and I realized it would be helpful to share not only my resources, but the resources of my friends as well. Thus, KarasBest was born: The Best of the Best.

Note: Everything contained in KarasBest.com is opinion only.